Make your wildish dreams come true and unleash your creativity! Seamlessly transfer your designs onto any fabric and color, ensuring unmatched quality! No Minimums! Delight in the swiftness of our lightning-fast shipping ensuring an extraordinary shopping experience that exceeds all expectations!

Our Simple OrderingProcess

Step 1: Upload Design

Simply upload your preferred design, and we will expertly convert it into a top-notch direct-to-film transfer, ensuring flawless preservation of every intricate detail.

Step 2: Review Your Design

Make sure to review for any mistakes before finalizing your order to ensure you receive the correct end product. Our transfers are professionally printed and promptly shipped within 48 hours!

Step 3: Enjoy Your Product

For optimal results, apply your DTF transfer precisely at 285°F with medium to high pressure for 10-12 seconds. Remove it while hot like a band aid or wait for it to cool before peeling. To enhance durability, give it another press using your preferred second press cover (we recommend a single layer of cotton fabric). Now, enjoy your finished product!

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  • Custom Direct to Film Transfers

    Welcome to Axo Transfers, your ultimate destination for premium fabric printing services. Our Custom Direct-to-Film Transfers revolutionize the way you bring designs to life. Tailored for both individual creatives and large-scale businesses, we offer a variety of services, including Custom DTF Transfers and Direct-to-Film Transfers, designed to meet all your printing needs.

  • Explore the Benefits of Custom DTF Transfers

    Our services stand out for their precision and quality. Utilizing advanced Direct-to-Film Transfers technology, we ensure that every detail of your design is captured perfectly. Whether you're interested in creating unique apparel, promotional items, or custom merchandise, our Custom DTF Gang Sheets provide the flexibility and quality you require.

  • Versatile Applications for All Your Needs

    At Axo Transfers, versatility is key. Our Direct-to-Film Transfers adapt to a wide range of applications, from casual wear to professional attire. With our technology, there are no limits to your creativity—transform anything from hats to duffle bags into works of art.

    Embark on your printing journey with Axo Transfers today. Discover the difference of our Custom DTF Transfers and elevate your printing projects to new heights. We print, you press—unlock the potential of your designs with unparalleled clarity and longevity.

Put It On AnyFabric!

With our premium DTF (Direct to Film) transfers, we empower everyone, from small shops to large businesses, hobbyists, and brands, to print any design on any fabric. Experience unparalleled printing capabilities, as we can handle a wide range of designs, including bright white, solids, gradients, and fine lines, with virtually no limitations!

  • 100% Cotton or 50/50 Blend

  • Hats

  • Denim

  • Nylon Jackets

  • Duffle Bags, Backpacks or whatever your heart desires!

  • Tote Bags

Keep Your ProjectsOn Track

Simplified Ordering, Swift Delivery

Axo Transfers makes the ordering process straightforward and efficient. From uploading your design to receiving your Custom DTF/UV-DTF Transfers, we streamline every step. Expect rapid turnaround times with our products, typically shipped within 48 hours, to keep your projects on track.

Superior DTF Heat Transfer Process

Achieve impeccable results on various materials with our DTF Heat Transfer services. Regardless of the fabric—be it a 100% cotton T-shirt, a nylon jacket, or a denim piece—our transfers ensure vibrant, durable prints. Our process is designed for both professionals and hobbyists, ensuring every project turns out perfectly.

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Heat Pressing Instructions In 3 EasySteps


Position your DTF (Direct to Film) Transfer on top of the clothing and try your best to get that perfect alignment.


Press with medium/high pressure at 285F for 12 seconds.


If your comfortable with the press just rip it off like a band aid or let it cool down. Our film is hot or cold peel.

Behind the scenes of our printing process!process!

We Got YouCovered!

Eliminate any doubts about your artwork, product style, or color combination. Our premium DTF transfers outshine the competition in brightness, durability, stretchability, and intricate detailing!

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